Dr. Showalter Principal sshowalter@stmaryum.org
Ms. Campbell Executive Assistant to the Principal tcampbell@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Ruckstuhl Assistant Principal/ Gr. 2 Teacher hruckstuhl@stmaryum.org
Sharon Bookwalter Administrative Assistant sbookwalter@strmaryum.org
Mrs. Hartman 8th Gr. HR Math/ Science Middle School rhartman@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Pla 7th Gr.HR Computers, Librarian rpla@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Canada 6th Gr. homeroom, Language Arts scanada@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Tschiffely 5th Gr. tschiffely@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Mona 4th Gr. mmona@stmaryum.org
Ms. O’Neill 3rd Gr. koneill@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Clark 1st Gr. rclark@stmaryum.org
Ms. DeCesaris Kindergarten kdecesaris@stmaryum.org
Ms. Phillips PreK Teacher lphillips@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Peltier-Lewis 7th Gr. Religion, 8 Social Studies npeltierlewis@stmaryum.org
Mr. Cresce 4-8th Gr. Math drcresce@stmaryum.org
Dr. Camp Extended Care , 7th SS French drcamp@stmaryum.org
Ms. Jenkins Para Education 1st Gr. ljenkins@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Streat Resource Teacher, 8th Social Studies cstreat@stmaryum.org
Ms. Young Wilson Reading Instructor myoung@stmaryum.org
Ms. Meates Counselor kmeates@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Bagley Para Educator K sbagley@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Pasciuto PreK Para Educator/ Gr. 4/5 Math kpasciuto@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Larson Para Educator PreK rlarson@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Ward Para Educator PreK iward@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Baden Para Educator PreK rbaden@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Vesterby Para Education 2/3 dvesterby@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Hernandez Lunch shernandez@stmaryum.org
Ms. Mossi Art tmossi@stmaryum.org
Mrs. Andrews Music kandrews@@stmaryum.org
Ms. Cabrera Spanish Grade 6-8 miryan64@hotmail.com
Ms.Aikens Religion Gr. 6Gr. 8 saikens@stmaryum.org
Tom Brett Stem Gr. 7 tbrett@stmaryum.org
Travis Barnhardt PE Teacher tbarnhardt@stmaryum.org