Reopening Plans

St. Mary of the Assumption recognizes the delicate balance this next school year brings for all schools.

It is of vital importance that students, staff, and all other members of the community are safe from the potentially fatal and highly contagious COVID-19 virus. However, it is also crucial for students, especially those in the elementary grades, to return to the emotional, social, and academic benefits of in-person learning as soon as possible. St. Mary of the Assumption will begin the 2020 – 2021 school year with virtual academics for grades K-8.

Knowing that we have many military and first responder parents, as well as those with other jobs that do not allow employees to work remotely, some students will be permitted to begin the school year in the building full time. Students will receive technical and academic support from experienced paraeducators and teachers when parents are unable to provide this assistance at home due to job obligations.

It is our goal to bring all students into the building as soon as it is safely possible.

By beginning with a small group of children and expanding gradually, while reevaluating procedures each step of the way, St. Mary of the Assumption can be confident in a safe, methodical, and efficient return to the traditional school setting.

The Pre-K program falls under the umbrella of childcare and has been permitted to open fully (with precautions) since the move to Phase 2 in early June. Therefore, it has been decided that students enrolled in our Pre-K program will have the option of at-home virtual or full in-person learning.

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