Schools in the Archdiocese of Washington receive accreditation from Cognia. The four key characteristics of schools with this accreditation are:

  1. CULTURE OF LEARNING: the institution’s focus on the challenges, joys, and opportunities for learning, and the coherence with its mission and vision
  2. LEADERSHIP FOR LEARNING: the responsibility of an institution’s leaders to influence and impact all aspects of the institution in positive ways
  3. ENGAGEMENT OF LEARNING: the inclusion of all learners in the learning process, and their development of confidence and love of learning
  4. GROWTH IN LEARNING: the growth of learners in the programs and curricula provided by the institution and their readiness to successfully transition to next levels of learning.

In addition to the K-8 school receiving this accreditation, St. Mary of the Assumption has achieved an additional indicator of excellence by earning Cognia’s Early Childhood Accreditation for our Pre-Kindergarten program.

This dual accreditation approach:

  • Ensures that our schools maintain the same high standards as other schools and have a clear Catholic identity
  • Uses a process of data review and continuous school improvement planning that focuses on student success
  • Includes annual evaluations of each school by the Catholic Schools Office to ensure quality
  • Sends a team of professionals from outside the archdiocese to review the work of the Catholic Schools Office itself