Service Hours Program (SHP)

The Service Hours Program (SHP) provides opportunities for parents to work together and share their talents in order to build a strong community spirit at St. Mary of the Assumption School.

The purpose of the service hours program is to encourage participation of all families in the school community. All families are required to fulfill and serve for a minimum of 20 hours during the school year. Service hours are administered by the HSA and may be satisfied in a variety of ways. The HSA will be provided a list of creditable service hours by the St. Mary’s School Advisory Board which qualifies for completing service hour’s requirements.

Families not fulfilling their service hour’s program for 20 hours by May 31st will be charged $20 per hour not worked.

Creditable Service Hours, determined by the SMA SAB, are awarded to families for HSA approved activities. Service hours must be approved & validated by the committee chair person or school staff. Credit is given on the basis of hour for hour worked.

Hours Received

To encourage leadership the following activities can be exempt from hour-for-hour accounting:

  • HSA Board members = 20 hours each with approval of the HSA chairperson
  • Chairperson of HSA sponsored events = 20 hours with approval of the HSA chairperson
  • SAB members
  • PK3-6 Grade Homeroom parents = 30 hours, per grade, equally divided by number of homeroom parents
  • 7-8 Homeroom parents = 20 hours each, per grade
  • CYO head coaches = 20 hours, per school year
  • CYO approved activities: hour for hour worked throughout the school year
  • Parents or extended family members may work volunteer hours.
  • Note: Sharing of Chair positions should result in sharing the total hours or hour-for-hour accounting.
  • St. Mary’s is unable to reimburse the cost of fingerprinting, however, 3 hours will be awarded for each family member who becomes Virtus certified.