Community Resources

St. Mary of the Assumption School uses a wide variety of Community Resources in Prince George’s County. These resources may be found in public libraries, through the PG Parks and Recreation Centers, through participation in local workshops in community centers and through local family-friendly events. These events may be sponsored by the Prince Georges County Public Schools or through the Catholic Schools Office. (Archdiocese of Washington) Referral Resources include a collection of information about agencies and processes that are related to suspected or diagnosed developmental delays. This information is available upon request. The following resources have been shared with families and the St. Mary of the Assumption staff through our website.

  1. Prince Georges County Children and Families Information Center –
  2. Family Network—
  3. Prince George’s Child Resource Center –
  4. Child Find Process–is a process used by Prince George’s County Public Schools to determine if a child needs Special Education and or Special Health Care Services as required by the Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) Referrals are made in Maryland by calling 443-809-3017 or 301-265-8415 or 301-808-2719.
  5. Student Assistance Manual, 2nd Edition 2019 –Disseminated by the Archdiocese of Washington

This information is kept current and available to parents through our Resource Teacher who facilitates the family/community support services. The Resource Teacher acts as a liaison to the local Prince George’s County Public School system and private evaluators and consultants.